Step 1. A Livecam booking is requested by a Fan
Step 2. The Model accepts the request
Step 3. The Fan pays for the booking within a time limit

The above steps are standard booking behaviour for all platform types.

Then, a livecam booking is completed by:

Step 4. Model starts a private room
Step 5. The Fan requests to join the private room
Step 6. The Model accepts the request and the Fan connects
Step 7. The booking duration is used in the private livecam with no billing, e.g. 5 minutes.
Step 8. Once the booking duration is used, additional time will be billed at the standard livecam rate set by the Model. E.g. 5 minutes were paid by the Booking, and the 6th minute will be additional.


If the Fan does not pay for a booking, it will expire.

If the Model does not start a private livecam, the booking cannot complete.

If the Fan does not join the private livecam, the booking cannot complete.

Private livecam allows 2-way camera, so both Model and Fan can share video. Note: In private, a Fan will be asked permission to allow Camera and Microphone. If this request is declined, the call will fail.

Group and Freeview are 1-way (Model only camera).

If your camera is not working, maybe you need to reset permissions using your web browser:

  • The easiest way to do this is use a private or incognito window.
  • Or use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge are all compatible).
  • The advanced way is locate the webcam audio/video permissions within your browser settings and Allow for the website, or Delete the existing website settings. Once done, refresh the web page to continue.

A Fan can request to change mode from Freeview to Group or to Private, and the Model must accept that request for it to change.

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