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Make use of the 3 extra features that RevealMe offers;

Pre-booked Phone Chat

The client can request to book you and your time for a set period and amount of gems. Once you have accepted this in your “active bookings” and the client has paid, the booking can be carried out! Phone chat is a great earner alongside the other 2 features and content subscriptions.

Pre-booked Video Call

Pre-booked video call is very similar to phone chat but it’s via a video platform! Most common platforms are WhatsApp video/Skype. Same rules apply with accepting the booking and the client paying. Video calls are a great way to really get to know your client and connect with them as they can see you/you can see them.

Pay per Message

Finally, pay per message is done on the RevealMe platform. You set your rate of Gems per message and clients will pay this every time they send you a message! You can use this feature to message back and forth for as long as you like, and you can even send custom content on this too if the client tips you!

TOP TIP: when doing video/phone calls, if the same client calls back make sure you relate back to that prior conversation briefly! If they told you they were going on holiday, ask them how it was. If they’ve moved house, ask them if they’ve settled in well. Remembering these nuggets of information will make the client feel like you’ve listened to them and have been thinking about them, you value them and enjoy their company.


Create a content plan and upload schedule

When you’ve been on RevealMe for a while, you’ll want to ramp up the amount of content you’re offering your subscribers! Create a content plan and upload schedule so it helps keeps you organised and so your paying subscribers will know when to look for content from you! It’s always a nice surprise for them when they come onto your profile and they’ve got new, unseen content.

Apps to use

There are tonnes of apps available out there but we recommend the following: InShot, Over (for watermarking your content), VideoCrop, PicBlur and LayOut. You can also use apps like FaceTune, Adobe LightRoom and VSCO to add coloured filters.

Type of content

The best part about working on RevealMe is that you can upload content that you LOVE making! It’s worth looking into branching out into different types of content so you are opening up your page to a more varied clientele. For example, you might start off with seductive and teasing content such as toy play, bath & shower, finger play, seductive dancing. You may then want to delve into fetish-based content such as smoking, foot worship, sub/domme, fetish outfits (PVC/leather/bondage) and role play.

How to upload it to different platforms

When promoting your RevealMe content, you want to do it in a way where potential subscribers see just enough that they’re enticed to subscribe, but not enough so they get their fix. You could post a teasing photo with an enticing caption and censor any NSFW parts with emojis or stickers! Not only will this entice potential customers, but it also gives them a sneak peek of the type of content you offer!


As we mentioned in the beginner guide to RevealMe, self promotion is key when you’re working on a content subscription platform. It’s very different going from being on a website where your clients are ready and waiting, to working on a site where you have to bring the clients in yourself.


Twitter is one of the most popular platforms within the Adult Industry to share content, connect with fans and increase their following. Twitter is very NSFW friendly and you can easily interact with other models working in this industry.

You can add your RevealMe link to your bio, add a header advertising your link/the type of content you offer, pin a tweet to the top of your profile with your link on (so when people visit your profile, it’s the first tweet they see), you can favourite/retweet other models’ content and they will do the same for you (great for increasing your exposure!) and you can find potential subscribers on there too.

Twitter engagement groups can be helpful as models inside the group will post their tweets into the group and everybody in the group will interact with that tweet. It’s a great way to build up your following and become known within the Adult community on Twitter.


Reddit is a fairly under-utilised platform in the Adult Industry, and because it’s highlighted as “the front page of the internet” it’s worth working on! It’s a social platform where millions of communities come together and discuss certain topics in mini-forums called Subreddits. Each subreddit has a specific topic and you can add in what you think to there. For example, r/GONEMILD is a subreddit of self-uploaded anonymous females in various states of nudity. r/FOOTFETISH is a subreddit dedicated to feet and the foot fetish community.

It’s free to make an account, and you can find subreddits to post censored pictures from your RevealMe profile and including your link.


Instagram isn’t a very popular platform amongst the Adult Industry because of their community guidelines being quite strict, but it can be incredibly effective when used correctly. A lot of models use Instagram for self-promotion, usually in the form of SFS (story for story // shout out for shoutout). This is where you send the model a censored picture of you and they will add it to their story tagging you. It’s a great option for improving your following.

However as it’s a very censored platform, there are some things you cannot do which will result in you being temporarily banned or indefinitely suspended. You cannot; post your RevealMe link in your bio (we suggest using an app like LinkTree), post any nude content to your feed or hashtag anything inappropriate (#nudity #sexwork).


Finally, Telegram is a great platform for social promotion. Similarly to Twitter, it works where other models add you into engagement groups and you can share your content for exposure. There are usually rules for each Telegram chat, such as you have to like/favourite/retweet some content to get interaction back.

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