Your RevealMe page will be full of content – free and locked.

Free content is content that anybody who visits your profile can see. It is typically non-explicit and enticing content that will encourage visitors to subscribe to you.

When first starting RevealMe, we recommend having 10 to 15 bits of free content. This content will give any visitors an idea of what they can expect to see in your locked content. You could also drop some sneaky PG previews of what you have just uploaded to show non-subscribers what they’re missing out on. For example, if you’ve just taken some great pictures, you could edit them so they have emojis/stickers covering certain areas! So when you upload it to your free content, non-subscribers will be persuaded to subscribe to you.


Locked content is content that only paying fans of your page can see. This content is typically explicit, adult content and/or fetish related.

When starting on RevealMe, we recommend uploading 40 to 50 bits of locked content. This means that when someone subscribes to your page, they’ll have content to enjoy from the get-go.

With your locked content, you could even centre it around a theme or time of the year! For example, Valentines Day is coming up shortly so you could have some locked content centred around Valentines Day! Rose petals, red lipstick, strawberries with chocolate… go crazy!