Profile Picture

Having an attractive profile picture will entice fans to visit your profile, at this point they are already sold!

  • Bright colours – this can be underwear, background or make up.
  • Clear content – clear background, sharp quality and keep the focus on You. Be enticing or unique in your choice of angle or pose.
  • Be inspired by others – look at the Free media of others, especially of Featured Profiles on the front page, for ideas and inspiration for your own content.
  • Did you know? – Good profile pictures are rewarded by us with Free Featuring and other gifts too.

Bio / About me

Let fans know exactly what you like, what type of model you are, do you offer fantasies and fetishes? Do you offer other services?
  • Fans are not here to read long bios, so keep it short and sweet whilst being informative!
  • Bullet points – bullet pointing what you offer makes it clear, easy and fast for fans to read.
  • Highlighting/bold writing – highlight any key words in BOLD you feel are beneficial for your fans to know, this can be your “do’s and dont’s” for your services such as “custom content” or your niche “foot fetish”, “domme” etc.
  • Advanced bio using the advanced editor allows you to make your bio colourful, enticing and eye catching. Don’t be scared to use it!
  • Tagging – if you have another account (couples account) you can @ the profile names in your bio for your fans to easily find. Example @PROFILENAME

Cost / Price

Encourage fans to purchase from you at a reasonable or discounted price.
  • Starting out – if you are just starting out in this industry or do not have a fan base, we advise keeping your pricing low. This can include – subscriptions, bookings and messaging.
  • Not much content – if you have below 50 content then it’s advised to keep your prices low until you build a fan base to upload more content. Fans love videos more than pictures.
  • Too high – Setting your price too high is a common mistake for new starters. A lower cost will encourage more people to purchase, whereas a higher cost will encourage fewer people to purchase. You can change your price anytime

Free content

Attract more fans by uploading Free content, and appear in search results. Models with Free content are more likely to make sales with RevealMe.
  • Bright colours – this can be underwear, background or even bright make up.
  • Clean content – clear background, clear quality, (don’t let anything around you distract them from you) and glamour content, be enticing but never give too much away for free.
  • Be inspired by others – look at the Free media of others, especially of Featured Profiles, for ideas and inspiration for your own content.
  • Descriptions and hashtags – caption your content, hashtag your content, this will help fans searching find you!

Premium content

Fans can pay to subscribe to view your premium content. All content uploaded is automatically premium unless you change it to free.
  • Videos – fans tend to subscribe to models who have a large number of videos.
  • Duration – Videos between 30 seconds to 5 minutes are preferred. Try to avoid uploading very short or very long videos.
  • Add Free too – When uploading premium content or a collection, let potential new fans know by uploading some free content from the collection.
  • Descriptions and hashtags – caption your content, hashtag your content, this will help fans searching find you!

Profile featuring

Allow fans to see your RevealMe profile first at the top of the home page, in search results and in the “suggested” areas.
  • Being active – on the day you feature, be as active on the site as you can, logging in as often as possible and upload premium and free content.

Messaging & Chat

Turn up the heat and make it personal by engaging with RevealMe fans and followers.
  • Make the first move – send a message welcoming your viewers, followers, anyone who liked or bookmarked your content.
  • Personalised content – encourage personalised content made on demand for Tips, or tease and flirt into a subscription.
  • Did you know? – some of RevealMe’s highest earners are making sales primarily from Chat messages and Tips.

Bookings (Phone & Video chat)

Let Fans speak to you on a more personal, bespoke level. Models can offer Video chats and Phone chats.
  • Your rates and platforms – set your prices per minute, and the apps/platforms you offer for calling on the edit profile page.
  • The Booking Process – 1. A fan will request a booking with you. 2. You have to accept that booking. 3. The Fan has to pay for the booking. 4. Once the booking is displayed as PAID, you can begin the booking.
  • ASAP Time – please always check the specified time the fan has requested before accepting. If the fan has requested ASAP this usually means the fan is wanting the booking for now. Please ONLY accept the booking if you’re available.
  • Use the message chat – You can confirm username, timing and other details, such as any dress code or special requests, using the chat. The chat could be a way to receive an additional Tip if the call went well.

Promote on Socials

Actively promoting yourself is an important daily routine for most successful models.
  • What does this mean? – all successful models have built up a fan base from multiple platforms, such as social media, forums and other places. To become successful, you should be promoting your RevealMe link on these platforms to attract users to purchase your content and services. It only takes a handful of paying Fans to generate a worthwhile income with RevealMe.
  • Social media – create an account on social media that you are happy to use to promote your profile. We suggest Instagram and Twitter, but you can choose any you like. We also recommend following RevealMe social accounts, Twitter and Instagram, and tagging us in posts with the @ so that we can repost and share your content with our Followers.
  • Forums – post your free content on forums with your RevealMe profile link.

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