RevealMe has unique connections in international media, including UK & US newspapers, magazines and TV networks. This is alongside a large network of celebrities and influencers across social media.

RevealMe offers featured or boosted profile spaces which are available on a first-come-first-serve, paid-for basis with limited seats. This allows a model’s profile to appear highlighted as “Featured” in some of the most viewed positions on the platform.

We recommend that all models use the latest social media of the time and specific to your region. At the time of launching RevealMe, suggestions would be Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, amongst others. You could post soft or family-friendly content on the social media, with links to your RevealMe page, stories with swipe up, and any other new features these platforms introduce.

We also recommend spending an hour or two understanding what other successful models do and applying a similar or a mix of similar strategies for yourself.

If you have a success story using social media, or would like to offer social media advice to models, we’d love to hear it! Please contact¬†[email protected]